Andrew’s Story


Andrew is another guy that I met in my bible study that I got the opportunity to help

when it came to fitness. Andrew and I started talking one night about different supplements and when he took my advice to get supplements, I recognized how badly he wanted to start seeing results. It was visible that he wanted to commit himself, so I once again put myself outside my own comfort zone. (Andrew was only the second person that I trained) so putting myself out there was a little nerve wrecking. But once again, God gave me the opportunity to reach out to another one of my friends, so I did. Here is Andrew’s testimony!

“Entering college I had little confidence in my self image and pride in the way I looked. Growing up, I was never in shape and I knew I had the ability to be able to look great if i worked at it. I went to the gym regularly with my roommate but never really saw great results until my friend,Trevor, who lived on my floor, suggested I try out his workout plan. I worked out with him one morning just to see how it would go and the work ethic

he put into the gym blew me away. I copied his effort in the gym and sure enough I saw amazing results. I have been following his workouts and diet plans for about 4 months now and I can honestly say that if you put in the effort and follow his program you will see results. I am down 30 pounds and my strength has gone up exponentially. I can’t wait to see what else this journey has for me. We are truly changing the game.”

-Andrew Welling