About Me

My name is Trevor Scharpenberg. “ScharpFitness” was created by me in order to start creating my own brand for online training and fitness. I want to host this website in order for you to watch my brand grow everyday and I want you to be apart of it. Nothing is worth it unless you can share it with others around you. Fitness is the the thing that I care more about than anything, so I have spent the last year prepping myself and educating myself, all towards the goal of developing my own brand. And the time has finally arrived.

With that being said, I am only 19 years old, I have only begun to graze what I will achieve in the fitness industry, and I want you to be the one of the first that I work with. I’ve been lifting for close to 6 years now and have gained some tremendous knowledge, however, of those 6 years, 5 were dedicated to lifting weights for football. I’ve only been writing my own programs for a little over a year now. Within this year of following my OWN programs my numbers and looks have increased. 

My training is all revolved around the golden era, because they knew how to lift and get results. I want to demonstrate that you can achieve your fitness goals, you’ll just have to work and dedicate yourself to it. And through training you will develop yourself outside of the gym as well. 

My goal is to motivate you to make yourself better and to challenge you to accomplish things that you’ve always wanted to do. Remember, I can’t do this without YOU! Together we can change the game.