How you’re limiting yourself.

I was listening to Business and Biceps today when John Fosco said something that really sparked my mind. He started talking about if you truly believe in what you are doing. Do you really believe that you can do what you want to accomplish or are you limiting your OWN growth?

Personally, I have never been one to believe in myself. This comes primarily from my younger years (as if I’m old now lol) when I was overweight, weak, and out of shape. I had such a bad vision of myself that I started to believe that I was not capable of doing certain things. Such as getting stronger, having abs, or looking “fit”

This was why I was so hesitant when I started Scharpfitness and why I still am hesitant to this day about certain things. I have this vision of myself made from when I was so self conscious. What I have found though is most likely everyone feels like they aren’t good enough to do certain things, so I have great news for you. You are not alone, we all struggle with this problem.

Putting limitations on yourself because you “aren’t capable” is a bad excuse that I used for years. It limited me from getting stronger and making relationships that probably would have been beneficial because it made me less social. Having disbelief in yourself will set you back YEARS.

This is why I think it’s so important for you to have a good support group of friends/family around you, let them amp you up a little. Likewise, amp your friends up! I love seeing my friends win more than myself.. be that person to someone else and watch how they will respond in return. Being a supportive friend is the quickest way to develop a solid relationship.

Sit down right now and write out 10 times “I am capable of _____” that blank is for you to fill in. Start believing in yourself.

Until next time,,

Much Love.

– Trevor

@jcruzphysique with the SICK picture, follow him on instagram.

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