A tip to “Figure it out.”

Something I’ve been a firm believer in is writing on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter what that may be.. journaling, story telling, note taking, or even goals. Write something out everyday and physically express your thoughts.

The impact this can have on you is tremendous, I have personally experienced it multiple times. Writing out goals on a daily basis will fuel a fire so deep inside of you that you’ll feel electrified.

Sit down, write out exactly how you want your future to look like. How many kids do you want, what job, what house. What kind of traits do you want your spouse to have? Think about what you want your life to look like and simply write it down. Once you get started you’ll be surprised how easily things start coming to you. I personally have a page just like this with scribbles all over it. It felt awkward to get started but now that I did, I’ve overcome multiple things, I recognized that certain things happened for a reason because it just didn’t fit what my future held for me.

Once you’ve done this think about Exactly why you are doing what you are doing and WHY you want to do it. It’s hard to have motivation for something if you don’t have any purpose behind it. Think backwards… look at where you want to be and what actions you need to have in order to achieve that.

Write it out and let your mind go, then figure out how to make it happen. It’s a daily process, keep pushing.

Until next time, much love.


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  1. Your other neighbor next door:) says:

    Thank you for helping make my decisions easier.


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