Finding internal motivation.

For years I have always struggled to get “pissed off” before a big lift. I always heard that there was a mentality and certain aggression you needed to bring but I never understood how to find it. I never understood how to find my internal motivation.

Music has the ability to control our emotions. This is the easiest way for me to find my “dark place” before a lift. It has the ability to put me into a whole different mindset/world than I was a few seconds ago. This is beneficial to help anyone, even none powerlifters.

Finding your dark place during a workout is the best time to release aggression that is built up. It’s truly a stress relieving and motivating situation. I always feel 100% better mentally and emotionally after a workout than I did going into it. Find your built up tension and release it during a workout.

As I am sitting here writing this, I got a phone call from Jason Newlan.  He just took 600×2 on squat and he told me that he was just so pissed off that he had to hit it. 530 felt heavy but he had such a strong mindset that he took 600×2. That is what finding your dark place and getting pissed off can do. It puts you in another world and makes you a different person.

On top of that, it can help fuel your internal fire, everyone has something specific that will get them motivated. My internal motivation is going to be different from yours, we are all fueled by something different inside of us. We may have similar goals, but the reasoning behind them will be different. It is essential that you understand your why. Think about it right now, what is the reason for your goals? Why do you want to achieve the things you want? Are you taking the steps you need to reach them?

About a year ago I sat down and truly thought about my why, what was my driving purpose? Something I did because of Cory Gregory’s book, “The Mindset Manual.”  Having this reasoning lit a fire inside me like no other, I suddenly has such a bigger purpose. I was thinking LONG term. Mine boils down to my future kids, wife, and some personal goals that I want to accomplish. This pushes me more than anything else, I picture it everyday.

What’s yours?


Much love,


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