The key to a better physique and bigger lifts.

– @bpascarellafitness

Over the past five years of lifting I have looked constantly for the shortcut, the instant abs, the bigger biceps. I’m going to share with you all what I learned is necessary to get all of those things, hard work and self motivation. Too often I see everyone wondering why after a week of eating healthy and running on the treadmill they ask, “why haven’t I lost 10lbs yet?” This eventually results in them giving up and struggling to get in the gym.

On all social media I see “I need a workout partner who wants to go to the gym with me!” Even I have done that, but too often it hasn’t succeeded and I just never ended up at the gym. I’m not saying looking for a workout partner is a bad thing, there’s tons of benefits to having a workout partner such as more motivation, competition, etc. But if you rely on the other person to go to the gym for you to go, you’ll never reach your full potential.

I’ve come to terms that no one is just going to hand me the power to deadlift 405lbs, it’s earned through hard work and persistence. So I tend to workout alone, its just my preference and I feel I accomplish more. But I haven’t always been that way, when I worked out in groups I used to always go when they went or if they decided to skip I skipped. I started feeling unmotivated and saw no change in my body. Thats when I took action and started to motivate myself to get up at 6am on a Saturday morning and go bust my butt in the gym or after a 10 hour work shift down some pre workout and go to the gym. Ever since, its paid it’s dividends.

Supplements wise, too often I see beginning lifters downing whatever pre workout they can get their hands on and mention how they’re taking 5g of creatine a day and ask me why they aren’t seeing anything happen. Well, this might offend the person who asks but its probably because you’re spending an hour at the bench press talking and drinking soda instead of getting the proper water intake to reap the benefits of the supplements you’re taking.

The bottom line is, theres no substitute for hard work, self motivation, and dedication. You have to go out and get it done, no ones going to hand you that six pack of abs or that squat PR. So get up, get to the gym, and get to work.

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