Diet, it’s an ugly word. I’ve tried “dieting” and it never worked out for me until a friend of mine showed me a different way of looking at it. Start looking at eating the right foods as using “proper nutrition”. As a personal trainer I have to make sure my clients are in the right mindset when it comes to every aspect of their programing.

Telling someone you’re going to teach them how to use proper nutrition over saying you’re going to put them on a diet will spark their interest and make them more likely to follow through with the plan. Mindset is key, if you can convince your mind that you can do it, anything is possible. And that goes for eating the right foods.

Whether or not you’re eating the right foods will make or break your entire lifestyle. If you’re eating like crap, you’ll feel like crap. If you’re eating nutritious food and keeping it healthy, you’ll feel great. When it comes down to it the food you eat effects your sleeping habits, decision making, and your overall health.

Now I’m not saying you need to be 100% clean eating all the time, we’re all human and crave pizza, ice cream, and junk food. Its actually good for you to eat those foods from time to time. It shocks your metabolism and helps your body continue to be able to lose weight or gain weight the right way.

Keep your mindset on “proper nutrition” and less on the dreaded word DIET and you will notice that you’re starting to eat healthier, feel better, and get the results you want!

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