Dealing with a bad day.



difficulties; misfortune
We’ve all been there and experienced our “worst day ever.” We slept through our alarm, our car won’t start, we got pulled over, we spilled our lunch, we had to work late, we burnt dinner.. everything that could go wrong is going wrong.
Maybe you had a tough break up or lost your job, luckily I have some good news for you. It is possible to look at this situation as a POSITIVE. Yes, the worst thing ever can be viewed as a positive.. How does that make any sense?
I was listening to Steven Furtick from Elevation Worship church and heard this
“God gives the exact experiences he wants them to have in order to shape the specific destiny he designed for them.”
Every mishap and everything that seems to wreck your world is actually in FAVOR of you. God has a greater plan. We do not have to understand the plan to know that he has a purpose..
Once you can truly believe that God has a greater purpose for you, it takes away all the anxiety and worry of the world. Doesn’t that sound nice? Something unfortunate happens and you’re okay with it? I am developing the ability to do this and I want the same for you.. Start developing and trusting in God and it’ll be just as possible for you.
I want you to win…
Much love,

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