How to stop mindless eating.

I personally struggle with mindless eating and snacking whenever I get bored. Eating is a good way for me to pass time, sadly. Frequently I find myself with my hand in a box of cereal or a bag of chips with the thought of “I’ll just have a handful or two” but little do I recognize how quickly that turns into a full serving. Which can’t halt my results and change my appearance without me even recognizing it.

Even if I snack on something small that has less that 100 calories, it matters in the long run. If I consistently snack on 100 calories when I am not hungry, It will start putting unnecessary fat on my body. If I were able to stop and only take in 100 calories of extra snack food per day, it will result in 10.4 pounds in extra weight by the end of the year. (100×7= 700/week, 700×52=36,400/3,500=10.4) This may not seem like a lot but let’s be honest, how many people truly follow the serving size to a T?

Mindless eating sucks, let’s be real and agree that we all struggle with it. So how do we beat it?

One way that I have found is to chew sugar free gum. This gives me some flavor and the ability to chew like I’m eating something so it kinda tricks my brain. This is hands down my favorite alternative.

Another way is to drink more water. When I used to follow Anabolic Fasting, they only way I could make it through the morning was to chug water during my fast. Flavored water works wonders too, or even calorie free drink mixes.

Give these two tips a try and hopefully you can start to overcome your mindless eating just like I have.

Until next time,


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