My 2018 Goals.

Another year is here and I am excited to share my goals with you guys for this coming 12 months. I highly encourage you to do this yourself and set some dates on the calendar.

Fitness related 

My major goal is to increase my PR’s 5 pounds each month, totaling 60 pounds up on each lift this coming year. By September I should be over 1,000 pound total if I stick to the course.

  • Bench 285
  • Squat 345
  • Deadlift 465

Business Related 

I want to focus on growing my following and building myself from the inside out this year. As Zach Homol said, I want to look back and say this was the year it all started.

  • Gain 1,200 followers on instagram
  • Start 1 on 1 training
  • Get 500 views per post on


2017 changed me a lot as a person and I am not at all the same as I was 1 year ago. I want to continue that transformation into this year.

  • Continue to grow my relationship with Jesus
  • Read daily: this includes bible, devotional, and self development book
  • Be a better friend, brother, and son

Sit down and write out some goals for yourself today. Fresh start, make this your year. If you’ve been struggling with life, start owning it today.

I can’t wait to see what this year has in store. Love my team and appreciate you guys for reading. Stay tuned

Much love,


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