Make your calories count.

Stop counting your calories and start making your calories count. I’ve tried counting macros one time in my life and it sucked. I was a freshman in college and our university put the nutrition facts online. At this time in my life I was so worried about how much I weighed and I really wanted to lose some weight, that’s all I wanted. Thinking that if I could lose a lot that I would look jacked and ripped up.

Last January I attempted to track everything… it was super stressful and I hated it. I had to take everything from the site that had it and then input into the myfitnesspal. Loved the app but I hated freaking out about getting everything accurate. Not only that but it made me feel so guilty about “cheat” meals when I had them. It got to the point that my calorie intake was only near 1,500 because I thought that it was the right thing to do, which is completely wrong. After a month I was starving, tired, and my metabolism was shot. Not only that but my weight was no longer dropping, I had hit a dead halt.

After this is when I got serious about Anabolic Fasting and it worked wonders for me, except for one thing. Even though it’s not a low carb diet because you get enough carbs from certain veggies, it was not high enough for me to retain muscle mass. I maintained strength until I was about 170ish but after that my strength dropped drastically. I wasn’t expecting to remain as strong but wow was I sluggish.

Fast foward to today where I have a healthier relationship with food. I don’t count calories but I focus on portion sizes and at what times I am eating. I also keep a log of everything I eat, what times I’m eating and how much I am weighing. This lets me adjust accordingly and still enjoy food at certain times. I don’t have to feel guilty if I want to cheat a little bit during the week because I know it won’t be the end of the world for me.

Sticking with meat, veggies, complex carbs, and healthy fats is simply the easiest way to stay leaner and put on quality size. The size of your portions and the frequency of your meals will determine if your weight will go up or down. Focus on staying away from processed and frozen meals as much as possible. Even if it’s a healthy frozen dinner from Walmart, check the sodium because I bet it’s close to 1,000mg. Sodium increases your water retention so if you’ve been eating clean but seem to be gaining weight, check how much sodium you are taking in on a daily basis. You might be able to drop a few pounds.

Until next time,


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