2017 Year in Review

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“Year’s end is neither an end or a beginning, but a going on.” -Hal Borland

With just two and a half weeks left in 2017, it is time to reflect on the past year. I have accomplished many things I didn’t think I could or would this year both in the gym and in other areas of life. I have grown as a man both mentally and physically that I credit mainly to the gym and my current friends. They have pushed me beyond just iron.

Lifting consumed my entire year. I started working out in February, part of an unresolved New Year’s resolution, but didn’t become serious until I rehashed an old friendship between Trevor in May. From then on, my lifting became serious. I loved going to the gym. I loved working out at 5am when the only members were Trevor, Kolten, and me. We then grew and added JB in the summer, then Cohen when classes started in the fall. The crew is not just lifting partners, they are my closest friends.

In the summer, the crew was able to train with the 4am Crew in Pataskala, OH at the Old School Gym. That was an experience that I will cherish for a long time. We also made a trip to Iron Valley Barbell in Indianapolis, IN. The atmosphere and knowledge inside the walls of each of those gyms has improved how I train and help others. At the end of the summer, beginning of fall, I landed a job as a middle school football coach for my old middle school. It was a new, yet challenging experience that gave me a different perspective on not only the game that I love, but life. I was able to teach kids the game of football and give life lessons like my coaches and role models did before me. The coaching job led to a post season lifting program that Trevor and I run at the middle school. Again, I get to use different techniques I learned this year and teach others something that I love to do.

Looking back on 2017, I have made tons of gains in terms of being a man. I have made great progress in my physique and in strength. However, now that 2017 is ending I am as hungry as ever to continue to grow. I have gotten a glimpse of what I am capable of and I expect more out of myself than ever. My goals have been set, and I am determined to achieve them. In 2018, I will be successful.



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