Monday feels.

“Monday is the perfect day to correct last week’s mistakes.”

Just the word “Monday” can send people into a mood of laziness and carelessness. Which I totally understand because I used to hate Mondays. I could not stand them, it meant that I had to go to class again and that I had once again had responsibilities.

This attitude about Mondays took a lot away from me, a lot of happiness. Even during the weekends, mostly Sunday, I would be dreadful all day knowing that Monday was right around the corner. My mini weekends vacation was about to expire and I would be brought back to reality.

Recently I’ve flipped my perspective upside down. Instead of telling myself I hate Mondays, I have gradually convinced myself to LOVE Mondays. Sounds weird right? How in the world can someone convince themselves of that. It’s pretty simple actually.

Instead of saying I hate Mondays I just started saying that I love Mondays. Literally that word change alone has changed everything. I don’t even say it to anyone else, just simply in my head I started repeating it. This was super powerful because your mind can convince you of ANYTHING, it has an unbelievable amount of power but you have power over it. So simply using that to your advantage can be a major change.

Another thing that has flipped my perspective is the way I view Mondays.  It used to be “I have to go back to school” now it’s “I get to go back to school.” There’s people in the world that would kill to be in my shoes and attending a university for an education, so why would I take it for granted? Sure I don’t always enjoy class or the homework that comes with it but I am grateful the God has given me the opportunity to be where I am.

Monday also is a fresh start. Last week is in the past, if you had a productive week then keep the momentum rolling. If it sucked then this is a FRESH start for you.

Have a great week and kill this Monday.

Much love,


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  1. Pastor Dennis Beckner says:

    Thanks for this refreshing Monday perspective!


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