2017 Goals recap

Today is December 6th of 2017. 23 days left of 2017, not quite over but just about time to start evaluating how my year went with hitting my goals for this year.

Last January is when I flipped the switch, I decided it was time to devote more of myself and more of my time to God and helping others. I was sick of doing things that were solely to impress others or fit in. Doing enough to just get by. I sat down at the beginning of January and set a list of goals for myself.

The primary ones were:

  • Devote myself to God: Hit
  • Bench 225: Hit
  • Deadlift 405: Hit
  • Squat 315: Not yet
  • Reaching out to help others: Hit

These are pretty basic but I was nervous to set goals for myself, I was about to make them real. Which is why I think that setting goals is so important and letting other people know your goals is equally as important. Which is where I screwed up, I was almost embarrassed of my goals, I didn’t think they were good enough. This year for 2018 I’ll keep you guys posted, I’m going to have some ambitious goals to really push myself.

The thing I am most proud of as a recap is how much my life has changed because of how I have decided to devote myself to God, it’s insane how much of a difference he can make in your life. I went through a couple rough things in 2016 that really threw me for a loop and affected me as a person. In this last year, I’ve had things that were difficult but didn’t seem as large because I wasn’t required to deal with it myself. I never felt like I was doing it on my own.

I took a leap of faith starting Scharpfitness, knowing that I’d receive a lot of “hate” for it. But what I was most excited about was how it would show me who was legit there for me in the long run, who would have my back in any situation. I’ve developed closer friendships with people in the last year than I’ve ever had with anyone. Not only that but my relationship with my family has grown, in particular with my brother. He’s one of my biggest supporters and I love him for it.

Take a reflection of your 2017 today and start thinking about what you need to do in 2018. My goals will be posted come January 1st and I’m gonna be encouraging you guys to share them with someone, even if that someone if me. I will hold you accountable. Be ambitious and set some goals that will redefine you as a person.

Thanks for reading, love y’all.

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