Why I started working out .

Imagine this… I’m a freshman in high school, I weigh 200 pounds at 5’6″ and can only bench 95 pounds and squat 135 (barely). I was not in any position to think that I would some day fall in love with fitness and pursue it as a long term goal of mine.

Now rewind to when it all started. I was always fascinated with working out. But it wasn’t until my 7th grade year that I actually started working out. I got invited to something called “Bigger, Faster, Stronger” that was run for our football team. (I was actually invited by Kolten Wood actually, little fun fact). I was nervous as all get out because I didn’t have any confidence in myself whatsoever, I had never been in a weight room and I had no clue what I was doing. So what did I do? I skipped the first day and said “I forgot.”

First day I showed up and I was hands down probably one of, if not, the weakest guy in the room. I had no clue what I was doing and it sucked. I stuck with it and continued to go because I generally enjoyed it, I loved the process of trying to get stronger.

8th grade year rolls around and I started going to the High school football team weights in the morning and then BFS after school in the afternoon, I was hooked. I was absolutely in love with how much fun I had working out.

Freshman year is when I got serious about it. Now go back and imagine the first scenario I presented you with. This scenario I was in had me crazy self conscious. I felt bad about myself because how I looked and because I weighed so much but I couldn’t move any weight.

I’ve mentioned this on the podcast before but I remember the day that my Mom came up to me and told me that she was eligible to get a key to the high school weight room so that she could take me in and workout. One of most memorable moments of my story, that is when things actually got serious…

I looked up so many workouts online, researching what was the best way to do certain things and how to get stronger but lose fat. I put so much time into researching what I was doing (if only I had Zach Homol back then).

I managed to get down to 165ish pounds come my junior year, which doesn’t really hit me until I think about how small I must have been. I played defensive end at 165, if only I wasn’t so concerned about how I looked.

I found a way into the weight room everyday.. basically through my mom and my two football coaches that supported me enough to put that time into me.

It all started because of how self conscious I was about myself. I fell in love with seeing my body change and my mental outlook on life going up, everything was better. Thats overall why I started “ScharpFitness” because I don’t want anyone to ever feel like I did. I want to help other people have a better look on life, it’s a much happier one. I just know that working out is much bigger than just lifting weights. It can actually change your whole life.

Much Love,


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