Chest PUMP

You guys voted for a workout so I decided since tomorrow is chest day for me, I’ll give y’all a crazy chest workout.

Chest PUMP

  • Extra wide grip Flat Bench
    • 5×12
  • Seated Rows <Superset> Lat pulldown
    • 4×12
  • Extra Wide grip Incline Bench <superset> chin ups
    • 5×12 <superset> 5xfail
  • Chest Fly’s pin run
    • Start at a bottom pin, work your way up to the top pin
    • 10 reps each pin!
    • make sure to get at least 6 sets in, no rest between sets
  • 4×25 ab rollouts


I’ll post a life story here for you guys in the next day or two, if you have any questions about me or my life let me know and I’ll write about them.


Much Love,

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