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“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.” -Robin Sharma


I am a strong believer that visualization is the first step to success. If you can’t see yourself accomplishing a goal, you won’t accomplish it. Having the right attitude will change everything, and sometimes will be the difference between accomplishing that goal and failing. Having goals is very important, but it is far more important to have the means to complete your goals, and visualization is the ultimate key to being successful.

This summer is when I got serious about lifting. I knew goals were very important, so I set some goals that were tough, but reachable. I worked hard every single day towards those goals, and finally the day came to put my hard work to the test. We were testing our maxes, trying to set new PRs. My biggest weakness is my bench press, It is something I continue to work on throughout my training. My goal was a 250 lb. bench. I had the best supporting cast that hyped me up the whole time, but I missed it on my first lift. As soon as I unracked the bar, I thought to myself “man this is heavy.” I was too focussed on the weight and how “heavy” it was, and not on actually hitting the lift. I took a short break and quickly realized that I needed to change my attitude. I took a minute before my second attempt and closed my eyes. I visualized myself hitting the lift, opened my eyes, sat back, and hit the smoothest max bench press I have ever tried.

Ever since then, I have carried that attitude into every goal I have set, whether that be in the classroom, weight room, or in life. I constantly visualize myself accomplishing my goals. Ultimately, changing my attitude and visualizing myself accomplishing my goals made me successful. Simply put, successful people think they will be successful.

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