Gut-check Legs

Ran a poll on my Instagram the other day and there was an overwhelming amount of people that voted for another leg workout. This one is gonna be a gut check, brace yourself. I have attached links to some of the exercises that may seem unfamiliar.

Gut-check Legs

  • Back Squats
    • 4×10
  • Pulse Squats – use a barbell, hit all 10 reps consecutively
    • 6×10
  • Leg Extensions <superset> leg curls
    • 4×15 each
    • 3 second eccentric
  • Bulg. split squats 
    • 3×10 each leg
    • No rest in between sets, consistently switching back forth between legs until each leg has done 3 sets.
  • 200 M walking lunges As fast as possible.
    • every step is a lunge, every rep knee touches ground
    • if you don’t know what 200 M is, go for 8 minutes

Hope you guys enjoy this one, let me know how it goes. Podcast dropping tonight and next week we have Ezekiel O’Conner coming on. Excited for you guys to hear that one!

Have a great Monday,

Much Love

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