Why I train at 5am.

IMG_3448In high school I was always into working out late at night, I never wanted to get up early and go to the gym. I did however train in the mornings before school for football, along with in the mornings during the summer. Waking up at 6:15 and making it to a 7am practice was tough for me to do. So when people tell me that they can’t wake up in the morning, I don’t tend to believe them. You can, you just have to have the discipline.

I understand if you prefer training at night, I’m not bashing that at all. The most important thing is training in general, not when you do it. Here is my reasoning why you should at least consider training in the morning.

Last year I woke up and worked out at 7am, thinking that it was pretty early. I continued this through the first semester of my college career and then my life really started to change. I was looking for something to help me take a new step and a new direction. Well, I had been following Cory Gregory for quite some time and I finally figured I’d sign up for Corygfitness.com and read the mindset manual. It changed my whole view on how I was doing things.

Cory talks about his past and how he used to train at 7am and then get on with his day. But he eventually started to train at 5 am, now he trains at 4am.

Major key is slowly working your way up to waking up earlier.

I connected with Cory so much when it came to his mindset on waking up in the mornings. If I wanted to truly separate myself, I needed to do what most people would not be willing to do.

After I read that I immediately changed my alarm to 4:30am and was determined I would get to the gym at 5. I’ve only overslept 5-6 times in the last 8 months, which I don’t think is bad.

Here is why I think waking up early has changed my momentum in life and why you should try it:

  1. As CoryG said, waking up that early will truly weed out any bad training partners. If you find people that are willing to wake up that early and go to the gym with you, you have truly found good training partners that care about you. If you wanna meet my 5am Crew check it out here. That crew will become people that are very like minded and will push you to grow outside of the weight room. This is a major key that I’ve found. I would not have the motivation to do a lot of the things I do if it wasn’t for the people I have supporting everything and are doing it with me. No one wants to do that stuff alone.
  2. It separates you. Except for my 5am Crew I do not have anyone that would be willing to get up and workout with me. I also do not know anyone that is willing to sacrifice a night out in order to get up in the morning and workout. This separates you from those around you. This will pay large dividends in your future because you will have put in more work than the people that were sleeping while you were working. Even if your purpose is not working out, you could still wake up early and gain that positive momentum.

Don’t think it makes that much of a difference? Here’s an example for you: I wake up at 4am and train at 5am. Let’s say that a normal college student (the people I am going to be competing against) wake up at 8am, which is super generous. This gives me an additional 4 hours per day. You might argue that I go to bed earlier but I normally stay up until 10 (I don’t fall asleep until 11) which is maybe 2 hours earlier than most college students. We’ll low ball it and say I get 2 more hours a day then. Thats 12 hours per week, Monday-Saturday. 4 weeks per month, gives you 48 hours a month and over one year that is 576 hours. That really adds up over the years.

Ever hear the saying “What you put in is what you get out?” Well it’s true and this is the easiest way for you to put more in. Your body will adapt to waking up early, you just can’t quit after the first week.

This has truly changed my mindset on life and focus on future aspirations. It’s easy to say you want to do big things in your future. It’s another to actually separate yourself from the pack.

Much Love,


*New podcast coming Monday, stay tuned for the link. If you haven’t checked out the first episode click here.

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