Having a team.

“Surround yourself with positive people who believe in your dreams, encourage your ideas, support your ambitions, and bring out the best in you.”

-Roy Bennett


I used to lift by myself all the time and occasionally I’d have a few people workout with me every now and then. They normally weren’t training partners, they were just people that enjoyed working out and knew that I enjoyed it to, but that doesn’t mean they brought in the same mindset as me.

Well, that has all changed and I have a very strong team that has a very similar attitude that I do when it comes to lifting/life. So I’d love to show some love to these guys who keep me accountable.

Meet what we call the “5 am crew” which started with Cody, Wood, and myself but has grown into the 5 of us and CONTINUES to grow. Here’s how it all started…

  • Kolten Wood
    • My dude Wood and I have been friends since I was like 2 months old lol. That’s a bond that’s bound to last awhile. We’ve got some pretty big plans for the near future so stay tuned for that. Wood and I have always lifted together, since about 7th grade, so it was just obvious we were gonna keep rollin. Wood is great at keeping someone in check about life and brings a great perspective on life decisions.
  • Cody McClure
    • Reached out to me about my OG blog (not many people knew about that one) and was pretty enthusiastic about it. Started lifting together that weekend I think and we’ve just ran with it. Strongest one of the 5 of us and for sure knows how to keep me in check during dieting/training. (Cody also posts on Scharpfitness.com so go read some of his posts here.)
  • Jordan Bechtold 
    • Jordan didn’t start with us initially this summer but one day I saw him in GNC and invited him to a 5am workout. He came everyday after that and didn’t miss. Jordan has some crazy work ethic and it’s not even an argument. If you’re willing to wake up at 5am and come train, that shows something. He knows exactly how to keep you enthusiastic during the workout.
  • Cohen Reimers 
    • Cohen just started. I literally mean like just over a month ago. He brings some crazy intensity and a drive for learning how to become a better lifter and develop himself mentally as well. Cohen initially told me he didn’t want to get big, but just wanted to fill out a little bit more. I told him he’d fall in love with it and I don’t think he really agreed with me. Well I was right and he hasn’t missed a workout once. I can’t wait for you guys to see his transformation. It’s gonna be legit. He does a great job at keeping me excited about my future goals by discussing them with me almost 24/7. We’re also starting a podcast. “Life and Lifting”

Notice that each one of them has an italicized line or two. We each bring something to the table.

It’s important to have a TEAM. You can’t do everything by yourself, it’s impossible. Surrounding yourself with others makes your life easier and makes achieving your goals easier. Not saying that reaching goals is easy, but having someone to motivate you makes a HUGE difference.

When I was trying to decide what weight class to do for the powerlifting meet, 165 or 181, they are the sole reason I went for 165. Otherwise I probably would have gone 181 and taken the easy road.

I know for a FACT that I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing if I didn’t have a support system behind me.

I strongly encourage everyone to find people that make them better people. Find people that will add to your own strengths/weaknesses and work together. 5 is greater than 1 and that’s why we’re going to change the game one of these days. I know for a fact that these 4 are gonna be in it for the long run and that’s what I encourage everyone to find.

Much Love,

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