Powerlifting Competition



If you guys follow me on Instagram (@scharpfitness) you probably saw that I am doing an online powerlifting meet at corygfitness.com and I will be competing at 165. I currently weigh 181.0 and that gives me about 57 days to cut 16 pounds and get crazy strong. I was tempted to compete at 181 but I am surrounded by people that pushed me to shoot for 165. Plus I LOVE the challenge.

I will be tracking the ENTIRE process through a Facebook group that I am creating and I would love for as many people to join as I can get. Along with this group I’ll be posting 4 week workout programs along with diet plans that you can follow.

All you have to do is email me scharpfitness@gmail.com or DM me on Instagram/ twitter or snapchat me.

-4 week workout programs

-diet plans


-Weekly vlogs

-My diet/Training

Follow along as I cut 16 pounds in the next 9 weeks and am still able to hit some solid PR’s come November 18th. Let’s change the game.

Much Love

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