There are two types of pain, the type that hurts you and the type that changes you. Something that is difficult to achieve requires a lot of effort, which can be uncomfortable. We like being comfortable, it’s easy. Being comfortable is alright if you want to remain the same. Someone who wants to grow has to get out of their comfort zone, and that is painful.


The things we value the most are the things we work so hard to achieve. We appreciate something more when we sweat for it rather than just being handed it. Being creatures of habit, we don’t like change. We shy away from anything that is difficult and forces us to exert too much energy, but when we truly appreciate when we do go the extra mile. A deeper sense of accomplishment is earned after completing something that was very difficult.


Pain is something that is required for growth. Growing and getting better is not easy, or everyone would do it. There is a special breed that will put their mind and body through such difficult and daunting tasks. The dedication to become a better person physically and mentally takes dedication, which is uncomfortable and painful. However the pain experienced with growing doesn’t hurt, it just changes you for the better.  Simply put, growing is painful, but necessary.

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