Lauren’s Transformation


Another amazing transformation story, this one coming from Lauren Cooper. Lauren was the first person I ever started writing workouts for. I had people that worked out along with me every now and then, but I had never trained someone before. I am super proud of Lauren and what she has been able to accomplish and I CANNOT wait to see what else she has in store!



“February 8th is the date that is memorable for me. That’s the day that I decided it was time to grind. Time to turn me into an even better version of myself; a healthier, more confident self. I’m thankful for my friend who has been my foundation for this transformation of mine, he supplied me with endless workouts and motivation that helped me conquer my goal. Today I am officially 50 lbs down and it hasn’t come easy (I also have more to go). Throughout the last couple of months I’ve had some bumps in the road, from 3rd shift (exhausting, don’t ever do it) to having to get my gallbladder out (that resulted in a couple weeks off) but Trevor never gave up on me therefore I never gave up on myself.”

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