Complacent /com·pla·cent/ adj. – self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies

The famous saying goes, “the worst thing you can be is average.” I think that the worst thing you can be is complacent. While the first part of the definition of complaceny seems somewhat comforting, self-satisfaction, the other part is the issue. Complacency is not the same as contentment. Being content means that you are happy/accepting of your situation. Complacency is being too comfortable because you are only looking in the present and not trying to get better at all.

“Don’t get blindsided by your comfort levels”

Complacency often occurs after a significant milestone is met, much like a benchmark in a specific lift. An example would be a goal for a 500 lb. deadlift. After months of training hard, you successfully pull 500. You are happy and comfortable with your new PR, but your are too comfortable. You begin to not train as hard because you finally reached your benchmark after months of training.

The worst part about complacency is that you aren’t growing. You aren’t making improvements. Complacency is limiting your growth. Being hungry and determined is what helped you reach your goals, being complacent with those goals is minimizing your drive to become better. However, it is important to take a step back and celebrate your goals, but you cannot become complacent and lose your drive to grow and become better.

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