3 easy diet tips!

Yo what’s up guys so today I just wanna post a real quick blog about three diet tips that I think can help make a big difference!

  1. Fill up on veggies!
    • Yes I know that this is the most cliche saying when talking about eating healthy. But it’s crazy true, vegetables are lower calories and very very nutrient dense. Meaning that you can eat more and keep your calories LOW. In order to eat 1,000 calories in green beans, you’d have to eat close to 120 oz or 3,400g. This is about 7.5 POUNDS!! You’d have to eat yourself sick in order to do that. Now obviously you would eat things with your veggies, but you get the point.
  2. Save the cheats
    • The way I look at it, I give myself 2 cheats/week. So generally I save this for Friday and Saturday because that is when my friends are more likely to go out to eat and I am more likely to be surrounded by cheat meal options. If you keep the majority of your week CLEAN then two cheat meals on Friday/Saturday night won’t hurt you. Sure, you’ll wake up with some gained water weight, but you’ll lose that easily. But don’t let yourself continue the cheat meals unto Sunday, try your best to keep it to two days a week, but we are human, so if it happens, it happens. More quality food means more flexibility with cheat meals on the weekend.
  3. Listen to your body
    • When you’re eating, don’t stuff yourself. Only eat until you’re satisfied and feeling full. I am guilty of stuffing my face until I start to feel sick just because I love to eat. But when attempting to cut a couple pounds, that extra eating past your body needs could be the difference between gains/loses. When you start to feel full, stop eating. Have some self control and cut yourself off. This is the easiest way to lose weight and not having to count calories! (If you eat quality food). 


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Much Love

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