3 week mini cut

Yoooooo what’s up guys so here’s the deal. I’m moving back to Ball State soon so I’m gonna be by pool for the first couple weeks and I’ll probably be eating out for often on the weekends. I’ve been thinking and I’ve decided to do a three week MINI cut, which means I’m gonna try to cut about 7 pounds in the next 3 weeks. Here’s how I plan on doing it…

  • Duration: 7/29-8/18
  • Beginning weight: 177.4
  • Goal weight: 170 by August 18th
  • Avg. 2 pounds a week
  • Weigh 172 August 12th for mock meet and total 935
    • 225 bench (goal)
    • 425 deadlift (goal)
    • 285 squat (goal)
  • Following Anabolic fasting guidelines, with a couple changes (corygfitness.com)
  • 2 “refeed” days/ week
  • 1 cheat per week
  • “Refeed” meals on Tuesday and Thursday

I’m gonna log all of this so you guys can kinda follow along! I can’t tell you the guidelines to anabolic fasting because it is exclusive to members but I highly recommend signing up for it, only $8.99 a month. I can however tell you guys my training and the type of food I’m eating.

If you’d like to try and do the mini cut with me, hit me up!! Let’s do this together and see some progress. 7 pounds won’t be a huge a difference but I for sure think it’ll be good to “reset” my weight and then continue lean bulking until about Feb. next year. What will most likely happen is that Zach Homol is releasing “Power Gainz” on August 28th so I’m probably gonna hop on that. If you haven’t checked him out indiefitness.net and check out his youtube too, just search “Zach Homol” and you’ll find him.

Anyways, I’m excited to see how much I can change in the next 3 weeks so stay tuned.

Email or DM if you’re trying to hop on and do it with me!

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