The other day I was talking to Tanner Jay, a guy that I have been working with the last couple months. One that has done something that I cannot imagine, he has lost nearly 100 pounds and he is currently 2 pounds away. (He will be writing a post for you guys about his journey so stay tuned for that!)


Anyways, he texted me and said “Idk if I’ll ever get to -100” and immediately I told him to read Hebrews 11, a chapter that I had not read myself yet actually. I read into it a little bit before telling him to read it, but before that I had not read the entire chapter. The only reason it popped into my head was because I heard a verse from it on the “Young n Hungry” firecast (highly recommend this podcast).

But faith is BELIEVING in what we do not yet see. Which I think applies to all things in our life. I told Tanner that just because he did not “see” 100 pounds on the scale, he had to have that FAITH that he would accomplish one of his biggest goals.

Visualization and faith play a major role in all of our lives. Do you really believe that you can do something even if everyone around you tells you that you can’t? Your “friends” might even doubt you and tell you that you can’t do something that you are great at, something that you have a passion for. Don’t let that voice inside your head or the voices that surround you stop you from pursuing your goals

Have faith in yourself, BELIEVE that you can do anything. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” –Philippians 4:13. Christ lives in all of us, so it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or even what that voice says in your head. Because you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to, you just have to have 100% belief in yourself. 

Does this mean that your goals will come easy? Not at all, it will take countless hours and time for your goals to start checking themselves off. This is what separates you from others, are you willing to work harder than those around you? You may not be the best at whatever it is you do, but you should have the best work ethic. The best work ethic will separate you in the long run, and eventually you will become the BEST.


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