Calories, quantity or quality?

The first thing everyone wants to do when it comes to losing weight is CUT calories. Something that I prefer not to do, because I love to eat. If you know me, I go out to eat more often than not or at least I used to. Now I keep that for the weekends and I keep my weekdays for a LARGE amount of quality calories.

What do I mean by quality calories? Stop putting empty calories in your body, or calories that do not provide your body with essential nutrients. I’m someone that believes more in how a certain food effects the processes of the body rather than the amount of certain macros that I’ve eaten.

Don’t get me wrong, I am cautious to how many grams of certain macros I take in, but I don’t feel that it is necessary to count them if you are just trying to loss weight and be healthier.

For example my normal day of eating goes like this

  • 8am- 4-5 eggs, oatmeal or whole grain bread, peanut butter
  • 11am- apple if I am hungry
  • 12:30-1pm- some sort of meat (normally beef or turkey), veggies, healthy fat (avocado normally)
  • 3pm- protein bar or protein shake
  • 6pm- same thing as lunch but normally with a sweet potato or brown rice

This normally keeps me around the same bodyweight, and it gives me the ability to eat a lot, because I eat until I am FULL. Now, obviously there are small adjustments for different goals, but right now, I can lose weight with this by simply changing up my daily training.

Now, one weekend I ate absolutely terrible.

  • Friday
    • Ate normal through lunch
    • Went to Taco Bell at 3 with my brother
    • Went to Cebollas for dinner
  • Saturday
    • Pancakes and bacon for breakfast
    • Subway for lunch
    • Steak for dinner

Even though Saturday nights dinner wasn’t “cheating” for me, it was still a pretty rough weekend. But I was DOWN 2 pounds on Sunday. Which does tell me that I have been able to speed my metabolism up, but guess what? I LOOKED and FELT like crap.

Even though I lost weight, I looked like I had gained 4 pounds. That doesn’t make any sense! It’s because I took in mostly poor quality calories. After Sunday being back on track, I was able to get back more to normal on Monday.

Sometimes a lower weight does not mean that you’ll look better. Stop worrying about the scale and worry about seeing progress in the mirror and how you feel.

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