Get the most from your cheat meals

Cheat meals are by far the best part of any diet or healthy eating lifestyle. Even if they are not the most benefical when you look at them from a nutrition side, you can still MAXIMIZE their effect on your body.



  1. Cheat on a training day
    1. I would 100% recommend to cheat on a day that you train a lagging bodypart. For me, this would be my leg days and back days. My back looks decent but it could use more density and my legs are also lacking some serious size. When you time a cheat meal up with the same day you train a lacking body part, you’re providing the body MORE calories to grow.
  2. Make it your last meal of the day
    1. It is always a smart move to make your cheat meal the last meal you have of the day. I know that when I cheat for breakfast/lunch, I am much more likely to cheat throughout the rest of the day.
  3. Not cheat DAYS
    1. Cheat meals are great to help speed up your metabolism and keep you sain throughout a diet. However, you can’t let them become cheat days. Cheat days can really hurt all the progress you made dieting throughout the week. As the saying goes, “You can’t out train a bad diet.”

I 100% believe that cheat meals are necessary to keep you on track while trying to loose weight. Be smart and don’t let that cheat meal ruin your hard earned progess. Maximize your cheat meals and change the game!

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