3 Benefits of Setting Goals

Often I hear people say that they don’t have motivatio

n or that they just don’t have the time to workout and/or they don’t have time to chase their real passion. This is when I believe that setting goals is a major key. Cory Gregory has been preaching this for years and it’s something that I have always been exposed to. It takes me a second to realize that the majority of people are not setting any real goals for themselves. So today we’re gonna talk about three benefits of setting goals…


  1. It creates urgency
    1. When I was prepping for my photoshoot, I had a goal of getting my bodyweight down to 160 pounds by May 21st. Having a goal that I physically wrote down made all the difference in the world. Because as soon as you write something down, it becomes real. A goal is just a thought in your head, but when you write it down, then it becomes real.
  2. It makes you uncomfortable
    1. How many times have you heard that in order to grow you need to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation? Well, sometimes setting goals can do just that. If you set goals large enough, it will make you uncomfortable and nervous. But when you learn to handle the nerves that come along with big goals, your life will begin to develop. Suddenly little things don’t seem so big anymore. Setting big goals will boost your confidence in all parts of your life. 
  3. Provides the feeling of accomplishment
    1. Achieving a goal is the greatest feeling ever. I’m sure you’ve felt that feeling of pure joy when you accomplished something you didn’t think you could do. Everyone has experience this at least once! Success is addicting, and when you start achieving goals that you set for yourself, you are setting yourself up for SUCCESS. Success becomes the norm when you’re achieving personal goals on a weekly basis. 

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