Photoshoot review and current goals

Photoshoot Review

The photoshoot was a blast, I loved the process of going through my first “cut.” It taught me a lot and it felt great to see my results. My bodyfat was at 12% which is pretty close to where I thought I would be. Next time around I’d love to hit 10% or below, now that I feel more confident with the whole cutting process.

The carb spike right before the photoshoot was unreal, can’t tell you how great oreos and peanut butter tasted after a week of no carbs!

Current Plans

I need some serious size. I’m going to start working on my lean bulking diet and training program. If you wanna hop on the train and try it out with me, email me⇒ If you want, I can also hook you up with everything I did for my cut also!

I’ll start working on slowly adding on some size while keeping my abs throughout the summer. With that being said, I’ll have to deal with the fact that I probably won’t stay as lean, but my primary goal is size and strength.

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